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Artikel in Zeitschriften (referiert) [1]

[Qua21a] Quandt, M.; Freitag, M.: A Systematic Review of User Acceptance in Industrial Augmented Reality. In: Frontiers in Education, 6(2021)1, pp. 498
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Konferenzbeiträge (referiert) [2]

[Zei23] Zeitler, W.; Quandt, M.; Stern, H.; Freitag, M.: Web based maintenance work support by neural networks – Detection and wear estimation of components in wind energy turbines. In: Teti, R.; D'Addona, D. (eds.): Procedia CIRP 118. Elsevier B.V, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2023, pp. 1126-1131
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[Qua22] Quandt, M.; Stern, H.; Zeitler, W.; Freitag, M.: Human-Centered Design of Cognitive Assistance Systems for Industrial Work. In: Procedia CIRP 107(2022). Proc. of CIRP CMS 2022. Elsevier, Amsterdam, 2022, S. 233-238
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