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Artikel in Zeitschriften (referiert) [1]

[Gie19a] Giefer, L.; Arango Castellanos, J.; Babr, M.; Freitag, M.: Deep Learning-Based Pose Estimation of Apples for Inspection in Logistic Centers Using Single-Perspective Imaging. In: Processes, 7(2019)7, pp. 10
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Konferenzbeiträge (referiert) [2]

[Ara20] Arango Castellanos, J.; Staar, B.; Maqsood Baig, A.; Freitag, M.: Quality control of apples by means of convolutional neural networks - Comparison of bruise detection by color images and near-infrared images. In: Procedia CIRP 99(2021). Proc. of CIRP ICME, 2020, pp. 290-294
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[Gie20a] Giefer, L.; Arango Castellanos, J.; Faghihabdolahia, M.; Freitag, M.: Orientation Detection of Fruits by means of Convolutional Neural Networks and Laser Line Projection for the Automation of Fruit Packing Systems. In: Procedia CIRP 88(2020). Proc. of CIRP ICME 2019, Elsevier, 2020, pp. 533-538
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