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Artikel in Zeitschriften (referiert) [2]

[Scho10bb] Scholz-Reiter, B.; Schweizer (Virnich), A.; Isenberg, M.; Özsahin, M.-E.: Developing potentials in load carrier management on RoRo terminals by using RFID and GPS. In: International Journal of Logistics and Transport, 4(2010)1, pp. 135-141
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[Scho09a] Scholz-Reiter, B.; Virnich, A.; Isenberg, M.-A.; Özsahin, M.-E.; Lampe, W.: Innovative Identifikationstechnologien unterstützen das Ladungsträgermanagement auf High & Heavy RoRo-Terminals. In: ISIS Special - AutoID/RFID, 1/2009, S. 136-139
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Konferenzbeiträge (referiert) [1]

[Scho09ah] Scholz-Reiter, B; Isenberg, M.-A.; Schweizer (Virnich), A.; Özsahin, M.-E.: Innovative load carrier management solution for seaport terminals. In: Seung Chul Kim (eds.): Proceedings of the 5th international Congress on Logistics and SCM Systems (ICLS2009). Overcoming Economic Crisis through Collaborative Global Logistics and Supply Chains, N.N, Seoul, Korea, 2009, pp. 638 - 644
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Konferenzbeiträge (nicht referiert) [3]

[Scho10ac] Scholz-Reiter, B; Özsahin, M.-E. ; Schweizer (Virnich), A.; Isenberg, M.-A.: COMBINED INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES FOR LOCATION AND STATUS TRANSPARANCY ON RO-RO TERMINAL. In: Bruzzone, A.; Cunha, G.; Frydman, C.; Giambiasi, N.; Mekouar, K.; Merkuriev, Y.; Piera, M. A. (eds.): The 13th international Conference on Harbor maritime multimodal logistics modeling & simualtion (HMS2010). N.N, Fez, Morocco, 2010, pp. 127-132

[Scho10am] Scholz-Reiter, B.; Isenberg, M.-A.; Virnich, A.; Özsahin, M.-E.: Automatic Load Carrier Management on Roro Terminals. In: Casaca, A. C.; Duarte, L. F. (Hrsg.): Proceedings of the IAME 2010. N.N, N.N, 2010, S. 17

[Scho10ba] Scholz-Reiter, B.; Schweizer (Virnich), A.; Isenberg, M.-A.; Özsahin, M.-E.: Developing potentials in load carrier management on RoRo terminals by using RFID and GPS. In: Laptaned, U.; Banomyong, R. (eds.): Proceedings of the First International Conference on Logistics and Transport 2009. UP Organizer and Publication Co. Ltd, Bangkok, 2010, pp. 1-12

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The publisher who published this publication is now suspected of being a predatory publisher. The contribution was made on the basis of a third-party-funded research project. It is part of the final project report, which was examined by anonymous reviewers. They did not criticize the publication. Some of these publications are duplications, as an extended paper was published in addition to the conference paper following some conferences.