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[Sto16] Stoyanov, T.; Vaskevicius, N.; Mueller, C.A.; Fromm, T.; Krug, R.; Tincani, V.; Mojtahedzadh, R.; Kunaschk, S.; Mortensen Ernits, R.; Rohde, M.: No More Heavy Lifting: Robotic Solutions to the Container Unloading Problem. In: JOURNAL OF IEEE ROBOTICS AND AUTOMATION MAGAZINE, 23(2016)4, pp. 94-106
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[Mor15] Mortensen Ernits, R.; Kunaschk, S.; Rohde, M.; Freitag, M.: Autonome Entladung von Kaffeesäcken aus Überseecontainern durch ein innovatives Greifverfahren. In: Industrie Management, 31(2015)6, S. 51-55
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[Ech14] Echelmeyer, W.; Bonini, M.; Rohde, M.: From Manufacturing to Logisitics: Development of a Kinematic for Autonomous Unloading of Containers. In: Advanced Materials Research (Volume 903), 1/2014, pp. 245-251
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[Fan14] Fantoni, G.; Santochi, M.; Dini, G.; Tracht, K.; Scholz-Reiter, B.; Fleischer, J.; Lien, T. K.; Seliger, G.; Reinhart, G.; Franke, J.: Grasping devices and methods in automated production processes. In: CIRP Annals - Manufacturing Technology, 63(2014)2, pp. 679-701
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Konferenzbeiträge (referiert) [1]

[Mor19] Mortensen Ernits, R.; Beinke, T.; Freitag, M.; Rohde, M.: Automatic Unloading of Coffee Sacks out of Sea Containers – Special Pile Situations and Challenges for Gripping. In: Proceedings of the XXIII International Conference on Material Handling, Constructions and Logistics (MHCL 2019). University of Belgrade, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Belgrade, Serbia, 2019, pp. 229-234
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[Uri12] Uriarte, C.; Rohde, M.: Der Weg zum Objekttracking - 3D-Sensorik in der Logistik. In: Inspect, 2/2012, S. 62-64
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